Monday, October 12, 2020

New On My Desk!

Every year I make gifts for the neighbors. Mainly sending some home baked goods for the holidays. This year I think we have to come up with something a little different. So I decided to make something I can leave on the front porch and they can decide if they want to take it in or leave it out there. Just trying to stay safe! Hopefully this will help put them in the Holiday spirit! 

This Poinsettia is absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe I waited this long to use it. Do you have stamp sets or bundles that you waited and waited to use and then finally after using it don't know why you waited.  I added a little banner with the greeting on the top of the glass globe.  I think this is a cute little touch. 

Can you see the embossing on the petal leaves? It is absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately the globe didn't give me a lot of space to play with. But there will be more Poinsettias coming, I can guarantee that!  

Thank you for letting me share my creativity with you! 


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