Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Father's Day Gift

I was cleaning and sorting out my craft room, which I should have done a while ago. I discovered these large binder clips.  These clips are pretty handy for a lot of different projects, and they come in all kind of sizes and colors. For my project I decided to go with the largest one. I have done a photo holder before and thought  with Father's Day being that close, it would be a perfect little gift. 

What I love about this picture frame is, that it is easy to exchange the pictures. It is not very big (we know that men don't like clutter), so it can go on a desk or a small shelve. And on top of it all, it will not break your bank. LOL. 

This is something easy and inexpensive to do with your children which may want to surprise their dads in the worst way.

Below you can find all the ingredients I used to create this fun little project. You can find the binder clips in any office supply store or online. 

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