Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mini Nutella Treats

I have seen these cute little Nutella boxes all over the internet and got frustrated because I couldn't find the mini Nutellas anywhere.  Then one day I went onto Amazon and there they were. I was in heaven!
I figured since Nutella is a Hazelnut spread it's more than perfect for the Fall season. That's why I dressed the box with our Hello Fall Bundle and used the Fall Fest Prints, added a little spoon to eat the Nutella right out of the Jar. My Mom wouldn't like that very much. LOL
 Didn't they turn out cute!
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  1. Hello! I was wondering where you purchased these mini Nutella boxes? I would like to do this as a favor for my daughter's Communion. The only places I am finding them are in Europe. Thank you so much for your help.