Sunday, March 19, 2017

Carousel Tutorial

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments about the Carousel I made.

There have been a lot of request for how I made it.  Below is everything you will need to make one.

There is not a lot to say about how the Carousel was done since it’s entirely made from the Cutie Pie Thinlits  die.
For the base you need to make ten of the Cutie Pie boxes and join them together into a circle (Pie) (I hot glue them together).
The canopy was made from one part of the Cutie Pie box.  You will need 8 of these.  You will need to remove the sections marked cut in the picture.   See the picture below.  You will need to fold them on the score line on the long edge and join them together.  This will make the canopy cone.  Then you will need to fold the ends up on the score line.  Use a corner rounder to round the corners.
Once the base and canopy are done I take the cardboard roll from a roll of paper towels and cut it to the length for the desired height of the canopy.  I cover the cardboard roll with cardstock (Color is your choice).
I glue it to the base in the center of the base and then glue the canopy onto it. (Hot glue worked best for me).
I used “Santa Sleigh” thinlits for the sleigh.  Be sure to make a box in the middle for the straw to go through.
For the horses I just used the carousel horse stamp.
For the poles, I used paper craft straws.  I cut them to length and inserted them through the horses and sleighs.  I then glued them into place top and bottom.
Decorate as desired.


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