Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Easter Egg

My mind is completely set on getting my Easter treats and cards done. Today I finished up this cute little Easter egg. If you follow my blog you have seen the basket I made. I used the same measurements and made two of them and then hinged them together with some cardstock.  The Springtime Joy stamp set was my choice to decorate the front. I love all the little critters in this stamp set. Isn't that Bunny adorable! 

In the picture below you see the inside of the egg. I filled it with my daughters favorite Easter candy which are Jelly Eggs. I'm pretty sure she will love it!

I added a couple of magnets to the back of the Bunny and the front of the top half so they egg stays in place. 

If you missed my post with the basket, here is the link to the original post where I got the inspiration and measurements from. 

Hope I was able to inspire you! 


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