Friday, May 22, 2020

Milk Carton With Spout

I was sitting at the breakfast table having some milk and the idea came to mind about a miniature milk carton recycling the plastic spouts off the real milk carton.  Believe me, my entire family was on a milk diet for a couple of days until I had enough of the plastic spouts. I had to use the Over The Moon stamp set one more time before it retired. Because this cow is just too darn cute! 

 I had to make them in several colors to see how it looks. So here is my Holstein Cow.

I really don't know if the brown ones have a specific name. But I had to make a brown one as well. 
Since I'm German by birth, I had to make a purple cow. This is for my German friends or if you have ever been to Germany you might have seen the Milka advertisement on TV.  Everybody knows the Milka Cow in Germany and also know that this is their mascot.
 For the background I wanted to create the cow hide look and needed some stamps which could resemble the spots on a cow.  I was digging through all my stamps until I ran into the Love What You Do stamp set which was just perfect for this. This should show you how versatile the stamp sets are. You are only limited by your imagination.

  Have a great weekend!

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