Wednesday, November 13, 2019

First Sewing and Quilting Retread


If you were wondering where I was for a couple of days, I had the opportunity to attend my very first sewing and quilting retreat in a little town called Albion,Idaho. And of course after all that fun I had to rest for a couple of days. So finally today I would like to show you a few pictures from the trip. We got to stay at this beautiful building called Miller Hall which was established in 1901 and used to be a "Normal School" ( a place you became a teacher) back in the days.
I prepared thirty five of these cute little sewing machines and filled them with lotion and a nail file to keep the hands of the ladies nice and smooth. And of course added a candy bar to keep the spirit up.   
This is how thirty five sewing machines looked, packed and ready to go. 

 This paper sewing machine was a family affair, my talented daughter Sarah even came up with a little poem to put into the bottom of it.

 Of course I didn't wanted to go to a sewing retreat without something sewed, so I found this cute little embroidery file and I kept it in the color of a Singer Featherweight which were used by a lot of women at the retreat.

 It was like Christmas in November we received a goody bag filled to the rim with all kinds of sewing goodies. And our roommates were more than generous as well with pillow gifts.

But by far the best gift I received was from my very best friend Bonnie Carington. She made a remembrance quilt which features the front side of the Miller Hall, the building we stayed in, so we always remember this fun event. Check out the first picture. Isn't this awesome? She had no pattern, only a picture.

And besides socializing, making new friends and working on our own projects we were able to make all these cute projects as well. 
I had so much fun during these three days, and I'm hoping I get to go soon again. 

We will be going back to paper crafting soon!


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