Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pressed Petals

 Usually I don't use as much Washi Tape as I should. Believe it or not, I actually skipped over these items a few times in the catalog.  I started seeing these beautiful flowers all over the internet and I didn't know of a stamp or a punch which looked anything like this mysterious flower. Then finally after a deep breath and studying every detail in the catalog I finally discovered that this flower is actually made out of Washi Tape! Yup, believe it or not. It is not a straight piece of tape like we are used to, no these are individual petals. And I'm totally in love with this Washi Tape!
I can't believe how many times I was looking for it. It has definitely taught me a lesson to check out the section with the Washi Tape.   LOL! 
Does that happen to you?  You try to locate something and it is right in front of your eyes?  I would like to hear your stories?
 Thanks a lot for checking in!

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