Friday, April 26, 2019

Tropical Chic Bundle

I found these spice containers which have magnets on the back, and I kept on storing them for quite some time. I do occasionally 😀  buy containers or other useful things for my business with the idea of using them sooner or later. Do you do that too? I had to have the right project for them. I have been seeing containers filled halfway with Succulents and that gave me the inspiration for this project.
 I cut the plastic that was already on the front half way down. I filled it up to that level with rocks to simulate a garden. With the Tropical Chic Bundle I created a little Zen Garden to hang on my refrigerator. I finished it off with the "just breathe" sentiment from the Colorful Season Bundle, and embossed it on our Window sheets.  Unfortunately these Bundles will not be coming back in the new catalog. So if you want one, go to the link below and get one before they are gone.
Enjoy your weekend! 


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