Monday, December 10, 2018

Stamparatus Bags Are Available Now!!

If you never heard of the Stamparatus you got to check it out. If you do a lot of stamping or you are just the perfectionist like I'm 😀, this tool is a must have. This stamp positioning tool will make your life so much easier. And guess what, now it also comes with the perfect fitting bag!!!
 Now whenever I take the Stamparatus someplace it is well protected, but it also has it's very own  place at home and I don't have to search for it anymore.
 If you own the Stamparatus already you can buy just the bag HERE.

But if you don't own a Stamparatus yet for some mysterious reason 😀, you can order the bundle right HERE.

 Stampin up also came out with a entire line of Accessories for the Stamparatus. So you can add some Plates, Magnets or extra Grid Paper. Check out all the Accessories right HERE

I also wanted to show you this little video, to show you how much more this stamping tool can do!


 It is not to late to add it to your Christmas Wish List!!!
Let me know if you have any more question, I am here to help. 


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