Monday, October 23, 2017

A different kind of Team Meeting

Since this Blog is all about creativity I would like to show you what my up-line and I are doing during our team meetings.
I know this is a little departure from what you are used to seeing on my blog. It is however still taking raw materials and turning them into something beautiful.

We started off first with a project that was near and dear to my heart. A purse!

And of course what is a purse without a matching wallet.

Needless to say we are hooked! I love these kind of team meetings.

In our next team meeting we decided to create something that everyone can use.

During the first project which I did on a 17 year old sewing machine that spend more time jumping around than sewing, I finally had my fill.
So my awesome Husband and I spend an entire weekend researching sewing machines. So in the end we ended up getting this beautiful machine, which has more bells and whistles than my computer.
Stay tuned and see how the projects progress.

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