Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

When I decorate the table for Thanksgiving, I like to put something on everybody's plate as a little welcome gift. For this year I came up with the idea of a M&M filled Corn. Instead of putting the "Thankful" on it, you could easily put your guest names on the leaves and use them for Name tags.
It is a really easy project. I dampened a sheet of cardstock, crumpled it up into a ball. After I straighten it out, I cut a diagonal section which was about 3"on the bottom. On the top of the sheet I cut strips about 4" long and 3/4 wide all across. Draw the bottom together and stapled it. I used the 2x8 Cellophane Bags fill with autumn colored M&M's. Shape the paper around the bag and tie a ribbon around it just below the strips. Make a tag with the Vintage Leaves and the matching Leaflets Framelits. The sentiment is from the Acorn Thank you. I hope that helps a little. I hope you have a lot of fun making these for your Holiday table.

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